Design floors - Marbling work instructions

Drafting and designing of marbling

A design floor is part of a room's visual appearance. When designing a marbled floor, you should pay close attention to the use of space and the visual perception of surfaces.
A striking marbled floor enables simplification of the decor and furniture in the remainder of the space.
When drafting, we recommend that you try out different kinds of color combinations. Marbling patterning often works best when using colors that are close to each other.


The impressive appearance of marbled floors comes thanks to their colors and combinations. The wide range of colors for available epoxy coatings gives designers almost complete freedom to design various combinations.
Design floor - Marbling

Arbeidsinstruksjon- Marmorering

Pre-treatment and priming

1. The concrete floor should be prepared according to the instructions of the Data Sheet.
2. Prime the floor 1–2 times with the solvent-free epoxy varnish Temafloor 200 Primer or Temafloor 220W Primer.


1. The coating work is carried out 6–24 h after priming.
2. For marbling, two or three different shades of the Temafloor P 300 epoxy coating are used. The different colors are poured onto the floor in the form of splashes and strokes, interlocked with each other. The pot-life of the coating is about 30 min after adding the hardener.
3. A pattern resembling an oil colour marbling effect can be  achieved by spreading the coatings in different colors with a trowel so that the colors are partly blended with each other. The coating is self-levelling, so the colors do not form new colors but overlap each other creating an amazing marbling-like surface.
4. Use spiked shoes when moving on the painted area.

The surface can be lacquered with Temafloor 400 epoxy varnish if needed.

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