Best protection against demanding weather conditions

Glued-wood construction elements 

Glued wood is a special construction material compare to ordinary wood. Tikkurila has been developing and successfully testing treatment systems for this demanding technology for several years.

Treatment of glued wood in a factory helps to extend maintenance intervals.  We have a range of sustainable paint and stain/lacquer systems for the protection and decoration of construction elements.

Paint systems

Stain systems

Systemkode Beis 1. lag 2. lag 3. lag


Pinja W-Oil Pinja W-Oil



Pinjasol Color Pinjasol Color


Pinja Wood Stain Pinja Wood Stain

Stain and lacquer systems

Systemkode Beis 1. lag 2. lag 3. lag


Pinja Wood Stain

Wooden surfaces that have been pretreated in the factory can be finished on site with Tikkurila consumer products to provide the best durability.